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Tunde Folawiyo | New York’s Museum of African Art

As one of the world’s foremost displays of historical African Art, the Museum for African Art remains committed to honouring the works of a variety of famed African artists. The museum has long been recognised as a pioneer in the African art movement, showcasing exhibits that provoke deep, meaningful thought amongst viewers. Fans of African Art such as Tunde Folawiyo and millions of others may continue to be inspired by the magnificent works of art held at the African Art museum.

Tunde FolawiyoSince its establishment in 1984, the museum has played an immeasurable role in the way the world sees African-born art. In order to further honour these artistic creations the Museum is planning for a new structure to enable a long desired expansion. The expansion will aid in spreading the institution’s exhibitions, educational initiatives and public programs consisting of lectures, symposia, and film series that allow for exploring Africa’s art, cultures, artists and history as well as current affairs within Africa. The new museum will occupy an area of about 90,000 square ft. Located on the corner at Fifth Avenue & East 100th in New York, the museum will be a part of the city’s “Museum Mile”. An official opening date is expected to be announced during construction’s final phase.

For years during and prior to the civil rights movement, the work of African artists was severely underrepresented throughout the United States. As one of the world’s leading locations for housing African art, the museum holds huge historical significance and serves as an enormous source of inspiration for millions with close ties to the continent of Africa. Throughout its history, the institution has organised about 70 exhibitions having traveled to upwards of 143 venues spanning 17 countries worldwide. Current exhibitions include those by Jane Alexander and Ibrahim El-Salahi with previous exhibits showcasing the renowned works of Sammy Baloji’s photomontages depicting past and present times in Congo.

Whilst today’s era of African Art is widespread compared to its meager past, the African Art continues to inspire millions. With the incredible history surrounding the African people, their works of art provide the world a valuable glimpse into the way of life throughout the continent, providing a much-needed perspective not regularly seen. Citizens of Africa such as Tunde Folawiyo and countless other art enthusiasts throughout the world may continue to be inspired by the renowned works of African art housed at the New York’s African Art museum.


Tunde Folawiyo | The career of the Nigerian artist Benedict Enwonwu

Benedict Enwonwu was a sculptor and painter, who many consider to be one of the pioneers of modernism in Africa. Art fanatics like Tunde Folawiyo might know that Enwonwu’s work also played a key role in increasing international awareness of African Tunde Folawiyoart in general. The majority of his most famous paintings and sculptures can be seen in the Virtual Museum of Modern Nigerian Art, as well as in the Lagos National Gallery of Modern Art.

Born on the 14th of July, 1921, Enwonwu was raised in the Nigerian city of Onitsha. His mother worked as a cloth trader, whilst his father was an employee of the Royal Nigeria Company. He too was also passionate about art, and created sculptures in his spare time.

Enwonwu decided to follow a creative path, studying art at the Government Colleges in Umuahia and Ibadan, where he was mentored by Kenneth C. Murray. He had his first art show at the age of 17, at the Glasgow Empire Exhibition, and six years later, moved to London, in order to study at Goldsmiths College. He then decided to continue his studies in Oxford; first at Ruskin College, and then at the Slade School of Fine Arts. After graduating, he moved to the US, where he attended Louisiana State University, and the University of California, taking classes in ethnography and anthropology.

From 1959 until 1968, Enwonwu worked as an artistic supervisor in Nigeria; after leaving this position to focus on his art, he began to hold exhibitions across the US and Europe. Following three years of painting and exhibiting, he took up a temporary role at Howard University, as a Visiting Professor of African Studies. Shortly after this, the University of Ife in Nigeria offered him the job of Professor of Fine Arts, which he accepted.

In 1975, he decided to retire from teaching; however, he continued to create art, and over the years, was commissioned to create several portraits of well-known public figures in Nigeria. In addition, he also illustrated a book called The Brave African Huntress by Amos Tutuola. As a lover of African art, Tunde Folawiyo may be aware that throughout his career, Enwonwu maintained close ties to the city of London; he kept a studio in the capital, and was a member of the Royal Academy of the Arts, as well as a Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute.

Tunde Folawiyo: Dedication to Schooling

Tunde Folawiyo has long utilised his years of education to bring forth new opportunities for Africa’s youth and overall economic advancement. An esteemed graduate of the London School of Economics, Tunde Folawiyo spent years studying the fields of law and business. His everlasting commitment to Africa’s growth is continued through his involvement in various business, educational and philanthropic efforts throughout the region.

With a strong desire to acquire an broad education, Tunde Folawiyo received his Bachelors of Science degree in Economics, from the London School of Economics in 1980. His specialisation in industry and trade paved the way for his future work as a leading entrepreneur in supporting the economic advancement of his native Nigeria. After earning an undergraduate law degree from the London School of Economics in 1984, Tunde Folawiyo concluded his formal education with a Masters in Law degree in 1985.

In addition to serving as Group Managing Director & CEO of the Yinka Folawiyo Group of Companies, a dynamic conglomerate with various business interests across the globe, Tunde Folawiyo is currently Vice-President of the Nigerian Association of Indigenous Petroleum Explorers and Productions (NAIPEC). His dedication toward expanding Nigeria’s lucrative petroleum sector is fostered through Folawiyo Energy Ltd, a subsidiary of the Yinka Folawiyo Group, who currently processes approximately 30% of premium motor spirit in today’s Nigerian market. Through these and his work as a board member of the likes of MTN Nigeria, a developing and emerging organisation, Tunde Folawiyo continues to support Nigeria’s economic advancement.

Tunde Folawiyo is an honourary citizen of the city of Houston, and was appointed Honourary Consul of Barbados, an important role in strengthening ties between Barbados and Nigeria. Through these and his esteemed 2010 African Business Leadership Award, Tunde Folawiyo solidifies his role as an ongoing proponent of his country’s advancement.

Tunde Folawiyo’s dedication to his country provides an ideal platform to continue his mission in contributing to the growth of education throughout Africa. As a member of the Duke of Edinburgh’s World Fellowship, Tunde Folawiyo also serves as a revered director of the African Leadership Academy, a leading institution encouraging the developmental success of today’s young African leaders.

Tunde Folawiyo | Education in Africa

As a proponent of the advancement of education throughout Africa, Tunde Folawiyo continues to serve his native country Nigeria as an entrepreneur, philanthropist and leader in education Tunde Folawiyo has always harboured a passion for educatTunde Folawiyoion. As a graduate of the London School of Economics, Tunde Folawiyo then went on to gain a master’s degree in law.

As Group Managing Director & CEO of the Yinka Folawiyo Group of Companies, an established Nigerian conglomerate with businesses across a range of industries, Tunde Folawiyo continues to support the exploration of new energy sources throughout Nigeria. With his position as Vice-President of the Nigerian Association of Indigenous Petroleum Explorers and Productions, Tunde Folawiyo furthers his mission toward expanding the country’s petroleum sector. He is also a board member of MTN Nigeria, and his role within other thriving companies.

In addition to his business accomplishments, Tunde Folawiyo’s dedication to improving education throughout Africa is conveyed through his involvement with various institutions. He currently serves as an esteemed member of the Duke of Edinburgh’s World Fellowship, a distinguished world-wide network of philanthropists whose focus lie in youth development. Tunde Folawiyo provides a strong voice in promoting the success of the country’s future leaders through these and other school leadership boards throughout Africa. As a member of the Global Advisory Board of the esteemed African Leadership Academy, a key role in coaching Africa’s young scholars, Tunde continues to drive efforts toward improving the education system throughout the land.

Tunde Folawiyo was awarded an honourary citizenship of the city of Houston, as well as the title of Honourary Consul of Barbados, a position holding great weight in strengthening relations between Barbados and Nigeria. With these honours and as a recipient of the 2010 African Business Leadership Award, Tunde Folawiyo solidifies his role as a committed leader in furthering Africa’s advancement.